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Spark Notes: Calories & How many you need!

Hello Team Eat!

Today I want to talk about calories, macros, & goal setting!

Calories: a unit of energy that food is measured by. example: gas in your car.

Basal Metabolism: At complete rest your body burns calories (also known as BMR). Everyone at rest burns different amount of calories based on height, age, weight, lean body mass, fat mass, etc etc.

example: you turn your car on, but you do not drive it. It’s idoling. Using gas, but not as much as if you were driving.

Hummers burn more then Prius’s. Same with people.

Maintenance Metabolism: Basal metabolism + any calories burned with any and all movements through the day.

example: amount of gas used with car idoling and driving

This is why more active lifestyles need more calories. This is also why there is no one size fits all meal structure.

PHYSICS LESSON: energy can’t be created or destroyed. Therefore; burn more calories then you eat your body will start burning fat/ or other tissues to get the energy. Eat more then you burn your body will store that energy. Like a savings account. That extra storage is fat. 1 pound of fat is 3500 calories of stored energy.

This is why we have a calories counter for your goals on our front page

If you enjoyed this lesson, please follow our blog for more fitness/health spark notes!

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